Museums: from public institutions to common institutions

The communication that we propose presents an analysis of the status of public museums in the current context of economic, sociopolitical and values crisis, and proposes a range of new materialities that responds to a new cultural policy focused on the return of the idea of commons as a fundamental principle towards the construction of the res publica.

The analysis of public museum institutions will focus on the actions that different museums in Barcelona, Madrid and other Spanish cities include in their strategic plans, in short and medium term. These case studies will be used to describe the underlying discourse in museum practice and the hegemonic framework that articulates this discourse.

As an alternative to the hegemonic discourse, we will propose a new museological approach based on rethinking museums as common institutions that become multi-discoursives, complex and participated by the community where they belong. To materialize this new approach, we will present a series of concrete actions and proposals intended to implement this approach made ​​from the commons. These proposals will refer to the different traditional fields of action in museums: the creation and transmission of discourse, the conservation and study of the collection and the exhibition and dissemination related to the collection.

museums | public institutions | commons

Jordi Sans Casanovas. Since 2008 I work in a company in Barcelona as a consultant and project manager of heritage and museography. I am industrial engineer by the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, graduate in Fine Arts by the University of Barcelona, ​​postgraduate in Management of Institutions, Companies and Cultural Platforms by IdEC (UPF) and current PhD student in Art History at the University of Barcelona. My fields of interest are: architecture of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, photography, museology and the commons approach in culture policies.